Physician Support Tool

The Health4 Physician Support Tool is a web-based reporting tool that provides Health4 physicians and practices with timely data about their patients. The Tool enhances your capability to monitor and provide services needed by your patients, and helps maximize your bonus potential in the Pay for Quality (P4Q) program.

The Physician Support Tool positions Health4 to significantly expand clinical programs, further integrate patient care and deliver increasing value to the marketplace. We continually work to enhance and expand the Physician Support Tool's functionality.

For more information about the Physician Support Tool, please contact the Provider Service Center at 614-566-0003 or 877-644-7469 (toll free). 
Physician Support Tool Access Form
The Physician Support Tool is available for all Health4 physicians who have clinical guidelines and metrics in the current program year, and staff they authorize in their practice. Authorized staff can view and work with patient data in the Tool to help their physicians monitor and provide services needed by their Health4 patients, and maximize the potential of a Pay for Quality (P4Q) program bonus.
Due to the sensitive nature and volume of protected health information (PHI), office staff requesting access to the Physician Support Tool need to complete two requirements to meet HIPAA & HITECH standards regarding the privacy and security of PHI. Access will be granted after these two requirements are both met:
  • Requirement 1: Complete and fax a request form signed by a Health4 physician in the practice, to 614-566-0415. Click here to print the form. After the form has been received and processed, the link to a HIPAA video referenced below will be activated. 
  • Requirement 2: View The HIPAA Data Privacy and Security video (about 10 minutes long) that addresses how health information must be kept private and secure when using the Physician Support Tool. Details regarding how to view the video will be provided when your request form has been processed.

Questions? Please call the Provider Service Center at 614-566-0003 or 877-644-7469 (toll free).


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